Information for Parents


Dear Falcon Family,

East High School is a great school and it has been confirmed by the Department of Education by our “A” grade. East River has the potential to be an “A” school each year, but we are so much more than just a grade.

Did this grade change the school? In essence, the answer would be no. East River has been and continues to be a great school made up of some amazing students and highly-qualified teachers. If you have stepped foot on our campus and visited the classrooms you would know that we do some amazing things at East River. We all share the belief that we were more than the previous label given to us by old school grade and knew there was more to East River that made the news. Doubters could have visited the school and witnessed the performance of the highly ranked Marching Band in action or the Robotics Team compete with schools from across the world at Disney. They could have watched our SGA students raise money and donate items to support the needy during the holidays. The doubters could have come afterschool and watched our bowling team compete for a district title or our girls weightlifters challenge local schools for dominance in the Metro Conference. They could have walked into a classroom and witnessed our AP Calculus students tackle difficult problems that quite frankly challenge my own mathematical insight or entered our Spanish III classroom and witnessed students fluently having discussions in Spanish. They could have picked up a copy of our amazing school newspaper and read the opinions of our students on topics relate to the community and our school. Unfortunately, sometimes people believe what they want regardless of the evidence presented to them.

 What this grade help to do was change the overall perception of this school by outsiders and reinforce that sense of pride we all have in our school. School pride is something that is important to have and develop, but this grade also helped us realize that we can overcome the challenges and obstacle we face. So join me and wear your East River pride on your sleeve. We knew all along we were something special, it’s nice to know that others now agree with us. At East River, we are Building “A” Legacy of Excellence!