Student Services

Welcome to Student Services!

We are dedicated to support you throughout your time here at East River.  Your Guidance Counselor can assist you with choosing classes, registering for tests, researching scholarships, preparing for graduation and what's next.

Counselor List

Last name Counselor Email  
A-Cr Megan Whitman [email protected]  
Cu-Hol Kelly Belcher [email protected]  
Hom-Mor Yaritmarie Ildefonso [email protected]  
Mos-Roe Stacey Threatt [email protected]  
Rof-Z Mary King [email protected]  
College/Career Kathie Snow [email protected]  
CTE Career Specialist Diane Johnson
[email protected]  

Schedule Changes
Please note that all schedule changes will be completed the first two weeks of school. We are unable to do a schedule change for a different teacher or lunch period. 


  • Students should not report to Student Services during class period unless they are called down by a counselor
  • Students can stop by the office before school, during their scheduled lunch or after school. If you stop by at other times, your Guidance Counselor may not be available.
Plan for your future by selecting the right courses in high school. There are specific requirements for obtaining a high school diploma and qualifying for admission to a college or university.

 Florida’s Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students, FLVC, is an online student advising system that the Florida Department of Education provides to help students make informed choices about the future.