Media Center Information

East River High School Media Center Information

Digital Library Media Specialist: Deana Walker,  Ext: 6332208

Media Center Hours
Mon. to Fri.: 
7:20am to 2:40pm
Library and Textbook checkout are available during school hours. 

Lunch Times
Open during both lunch periods to come in to check out a book, catch up on homework or a place to just relax and reset.
ID’s are made during this time.
Digital Device/Tech Help Hours:
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri:
9:16 am to 10:06 am
12:34 pm to 1:24 pm
9:00 am- 9:36 am
11:44 am - 12:24 pm

Extra times for tech help: 
Before school from 7:00 am to 7:20 am
After school from 2:20 pm to 2:40 pm

Do I need a pass to visit the media center?

We follow the 10/10 rule; no students first ten minutes and will send students back for last ten minutes of class. During the regular school hours, a pass is required from your teacher. There is a limit of 4 students per teacher, per period. Students without a pass will be sent back to class.

Laptops/Devices/Tech Support Tips

Always try to shut down laptop and turning back on before sending student to tech support.
●Send students to the media center on a pass.
●Students will sign into a tech request form.
●If we have more than ten students in the media center, the students will be sent back to the class. Then they will be called out of class in order of sign in when time becomes available.

Tech Support can help with the following issues:
●No power/power cord
●Slow computer
●Wifi issues
●Mouse/keyboard problems
●Laptop login issues
●Damaged laptop (see digital dean, Mr. Cunningham)
●Black screen Place a student tech requests

Get more information on OCPS Digital Procedures

Library Media Circulation

 ●Where do I look to find a book in the media center? Destiny online catalog Choose East River link. Look up a book/material by author, title, or subject
 ●Where is my patron information? You have a Destiny user account to help track your library activities and obligations.  Go to Launch Pad.  Then library research tools, click on Destiny.  Or log into Destiny web portal using your school computer login username and password on the East River High School page.
 ●What if I do not understand how to find a book? Ask a member of the media staff for help, they can help you interpret the information on Destiny and help you locate the book you want.
 ●What do I need to know to check out a book? Bring the material you want to check out and your ID card to the circulation desk. You must have your ID card to check out a book. You may check out four books at a time, unless you owe a fine; then you may only check out one book Most books may be checked out for two weeks.
 ●Where do I return a book? Everything should be returned to the book drop that is at the Media Center's circulation desk or out front of media doors book drop
 ●Are there fines for late books? Overdue fines are .10 cents per day per book. Overdue fines for overnight books and videos are .50 cents per day per book. All fines can be paid with a credit card through School Pay
 ●Can I check out a book for a friend? YOU are responsible for anything you checkout in your name. If the item gets lost or damaged, you must pay for the cost of replacing it. Please do not check out anything for a friend! ●What happens if you do not have the book I am looking to check out? IF we do not have a book or material you are looking for in our media center, it may be available from another OCPS school.  We could borrow the book from another school as an interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loans can be done through the media specialist.
 ●What if I find a book I would like to check out but not able to at the moment or is currently checked out to another student? A book can be placed on hold for a student if it is not available and as soon as it is made available the student will be notified.

ID Cards

●ID cards are created and distributed in the media center. Your first East River ID card is free for incoming 9th graders and new students only.  
●Lost or damaged cards must be replaced and replacement cards are $5.00


●At the beginning of the year, the teacher will schedule for classes to check out textbooks.
●At the end of the term or year, the teacher will schedule to return textbooks.
●Individuals who miss checkout of textbooks are issued before school, after school and at lunch.
 ●Students must have a school ID to check out textbooks.
 ●Students will incur obligations fines for any textbook that is damaged or not returned.
 ●The textbook barcode is unique and it must be recognizable at the time of return. The student will be assessed $5.00 for damaged barcodes.  
●If NO BARCODE IS VISIBLE, the student will be assessed the replacement value of the textbook.
 ●Students must report any theft within 24 hours to the Administrator in charge of lockers. And notify a School Resource Officer who will require the student to complete a written complaint.
 ●Students SHOULD NOT leave assigned textbooks in classrooms.


●All fines can be paid with a credit card or debit card through School Pay.
●Students are expected to meet financial obligations to the school for such items as device damage, lost textbooks, uniforms, fundraiser items, etc. 
●Students must meet their current obligations before they will be allowed to purchase parking permits, yearbooks, tickets to special events, participate in graduation ceremonies, etc. 
●Students will incur obligations fines for any media book or textbook that is damaged or not returned.
●Damage to any book is calculated by severity of damage. 20% of book cost for little amount of damage. 50% of book cost for medium amount of damage. 100% of book cost for heavy amount of damage. Anything else I should know?
 ●Any materials leaving the media center which have not been checked out will set off the alarm and will be treated as theft.
●Students may place a "hold" on books which are not available. When the book is returned, a notice will be sent through the first period teacher to notify the student that the book is available for pickup.
● Overdue notices will be distributed through a student's first period class on a monthly basis.

According to Florida Statue, Chapter 1006.42: "Each parent of a student is liable for any loss or destruction of, or unnecessary damage to, the instructional materials.  For failure of the student to return the instructional materials, and shall pay for such loss, destruction, or unnecessary damage as provided by law.  The failure to collect such sum by the principal may result in the suspension of the student from participation in extracurricular activities."