Principal's Message

Welcome Falcon Family!

Thank you for your support for East River High School, where we are “Building a Legacy of Excellence” through a focus on Literacy, Resilience and Relationships.   

At East River High School we support the district’s initiative to integrate literacy throughout every content area.  Research tells us that to read is to succeed, and all teachers and staff will work together to infuse the best reading strategies appropriate for each academic discipline.  As a school we will work together to build a strong, academic foundation based on state and national standards to ensure all students are successful no matter what their future aspirations.

We believe in a growth mindset and the value of developing the resilience required to overcome each and every obstacle that we may face.  We often achieve the greatest growth through our challenges, and we want to develop in each student the strength to persevere in times of difficulty in order to reach his or her best level of success.  Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in their personal commitments all students will develop the courage to become their personal best.

To assist our students in acquiring the skills necessary to reach their full potential, East River High School is committed to building relationships through a cooperative and lasting partnership between home, school, and the community.  In order to make our school the best in the district, we all need to work together as one family looking out for the best interests of one another.  I challenge you all to find a way to get involved and be an active member of your school by supporting athletics, clubs, Army JROTC, performing arts, as well as engaging in volunteer opportunities.

The author Angela Duckworth writes that people get up each day and report to either a job, a career or a calling.  My calling is to be the best principal I can be to ensure that each member of the East River community is the best future self they can be.  I am grateful to have you join me on this exciting journey!