Clubs and Organizations



Student Clubs and Organizations

Research shows that students who are involved in clubs and organizations in school are better-rounded and better students. Clubs and student organizations expose students to a multitude of ideas and philosophies that promote stronger academics, build leadership qualities, better ties to the community, and a sense of service. Clubs and organizations are designed to complement the academic mission and vision of the school.

In order to be an approved ERHS Club or Organization, Clubs groups must:

★Meet twice a month

★Complete one community service project or maintain a school planter

★Participate in the Homecoming Tailgate

★Participate in the ERHS 5K run (min. of 2 students)

★Student representative needs to attend ICC meetings

★Participate in approved ICC events or activities (limited to 1 per semester)

In order to start a club or continue a club:

★ Have 5 active students in the club

★Have at least 1 faculty sponsor

★Complete Club Contract with Athletic Director

★Allow any student to join your club that has at least a 2.0 GPA or higher

Inter-Club Council (ICC)

The Inter-Club Council is an opportunity for club leaders to discover and develop their leadership potential. Club leaders or a representative will attend the afternoon sessions each month.

This meeting will give club leaders the opportunity to promote:

★Cooperation among all campus clubs and organizations.

★A master calendar of club and organization meetings and events.

★Opportunities for clubs and organizations to sponsor campus-wide events.

★The development of group leadership skills.

★Discussions of pertinent campus issues.

★Unity and involvement in campus and community activities.

★Involve student in community service projects.

Club Meetings

Clubs, organizations, and other school groups may not schedule meetings until John Richardson

(521) has approved the club. A faculty advisor must be present at all meetings of

school groups on or off campus.

How to Start a Club

  • You need 15 students

  • One faculty sponsor

  • Have a completed an approved club form on file with Kris Klein (Athletic Director)