Summer Assignments

2018-19 Summer Assignments

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Rising 9th through 10th Grade Summer Reading (Regular and Honors)

Summer Reading 2018-2019 for Incoming 9th and 10th Grade English

AP Language

Teacher (s):
Ms Owen

AP Language Summer Reading 2018-2019

APEX 9th English I
Teacher (s):
Mrs. John

APEX English 1 Summer Reading Assignment 2018-2019

APEX 10th English II

Teacher (s): Mrs. Hyser

APEX English 2 Summer Assignment 2018-2019

English III (Honors and Regular)
Teachers:  TBA

English III Summer Reading Assignment 2018-2019
Their Eyes Were Watching God - Chapter 9
The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass - Chapter 2
The Great Gatsby - Excerpt from Chapters 1 and 7

AP Literature Summer Reading

Teacher (s): Mrs. Hyser

AP Literature Summer Reading 2018-2019

English 4 and English 4 Honors

English 4 and 4 Honors Summer Assignment 2018


AP Calculus AB

Teacher(s): Mr. Kenneth Chambless

No Summer Assignment for 18 - 19

AP Stats

Teacher(s): Mr. Billy Jesson

AP Stats summer assignment 2018 - 19

 APEX Algebra II

Teacher(s): Mrs. Kristin Zehnder

No Summer Assignment for 18-19

Pre Calculus

Teacher(s): Mrs. Kristin Zehnder

No Summer Assignment for 18-19

APEX Geometry


Social Studies

AP Psychology

Teacher(s): Mr. Lozano

History and Methods Study Guide 18 - 19

AP World History

Teacher(s): TBA

APEX  AP World History

Teacher(s):  Mr. Mulbach

APEX Summer Assignment 18- 19


AP Human Geography

Teacher(s): Mrs. Devin Alvarez and Mr. Mark Petrick 

AP Human Geography Summer Assignment 2018-19

AP Government


Mrs. Jennifer Adkison

2018 AP American Government Summer Assignment

AP US History

Teacher(s): Mrs. Kimberly Bortz

No Summer Assignment for 18 - 19


AP Biology

Teacher(s):  Ms. Amy Jenson

Welcome to AP Biology 2018-19
AP Biology Summer Assignment 18-19

AP Chemistry

Teacher (s): Mr. Rob England

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment 2018
AP Chemisry Printable Periodic Table 11

Teacher Email:

APEX Chemistry

Teacher (s):  Mr. Rob England

APEX Chemistry Summer Packet 2018
APEX Chemistry Summer Packet 2018 (2)

AP Environmental Science

Teacher(s):  Ms. Carlson

AP Environmental Science Summer Assignment 18 - 19

AP Physics I

Teacher(s): Mr. Alex O'Such

AP Summer Assignment PHYSICS 1 2018

AP Physics 2

Teacher(s):  Mr. Alex O'Such

AP PHYSICS 2 summer assignment 2018-19


Foreign Language

AP Spanish Language and Culture

Teacher(s): Mrs. Marbella Hornik

AP Spanish Language and Culture Summer Assignment 2018_19


AP Spanish Literature & Comp

Teacher(s): Mr. William Badillo

AP Spanish Literature and Culture Summer Assignment 18-19

AP French

Teacher(s): Mrs. Maggie Fahim

Email: for summer work



AP 2D Studio Art

Teacher(s):  TBA

AP 2D Studio Art Summer Assignment 2018-19

AP 3D Design Portfolio

Teacher(s): Mr. Gabriel Dorrego

2018 - 19 AP 3D Studio Art Summer Assignment


Teacher (s):  MAJ Celeste, SFC Flores, and SFC Kalapp

2018 - 19 JROTC Summer Assignment

AP Seminar

Teacher(s):  Mr. William Mayes

2018-2019 AP Seminar Summer Assignment

AP Research

Teacher(s): Ms. Chelsea John

No Summer Assignment 

AP Computer Science A


AP Computer Science Principles

Teacher (s):