Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices


Our top priority is to minimize interruptions to our academic environment and support a 21st Century learning environment. Our electronic policy has been developed to accomplish both goals. Students must understand that the provisions made within this policy are a privilege, not a right, and can be revoked by administration at any time if the faculty feels that students are abusing the flexibility they have been given.


Ø Students will be allowed to use their electronic devices during non-instructional times (i.e. before school, after school, & lunch)

Ø Electronic device use is prohibited in the classrooms except for educational purposes approved by the teacher

Ø Taking photos or recording video during the school day without the consent of a teacher or administrator is prohibited.

Ø Uploading images, photos, and/or video to any website or social network site during school hours is prohibited.

Ø Students violating the above policy will receive a discipline consequence