Grades should reflect each student’s understanding and mastery of the State Standards for each course.


Ds and Fs

A student may not be given a D or F for a progress report and/or a nine weeks unless there have been at the minimum of two parent contacts. A contact may be considered a phone call, meeting, email or academic deficiency notice and documented in the comment section of Progress Book.


Grade Books

  • All teachers will maintain an electronic grade book.

  • The contents of your grade book, grades and attendance, are legal documents.

  • The grades and attendance maintained through the ProgressBook software system are also legal documents. These documents could be subpoenaed and submitted as evidence in a court of law.

  • Please ensure the information in both your grade book is accurate and updated appropriately.

Grade Changes


Grade changes for the official report card must be done on the form found in guidance. The form must be completed, signed by the teachers, and submitted with supporting documentation to Erin Vacchio in office 810. Proper documentation is essential for an appropriate grade change to take place.


Grading Scale

Nine-week, semester, and final grades will be represented as letter grades. In keeping with

Florida legislation, the following grading scale will be in effect:

90-100 A (4)

80-89 B (3)

70-79 C (2)

60-69 D (1)

0-59 F (0)


Transfer Grades

Students transferring to ERHS during the school year will have transfer grades sent to the guidance department. These transfer grades are to be averaged into the grades received at ERHS to determine the appropriate nine-week, semester, or yearly grade. Transfer grades will be provided to teachers by the student’s guidance counselor. Teachers should see the guidance counselor in guidance regarding transfer grades.


Students having schedule changes made have possibly earned grades in another class. Check with the previous teacher for transfer grades.


Withdraw Grades

Students withdrawing from ERHS are to be assigned specific letter grades. These grades are to be placed on the withdrawal form prepared by the guidance department.


Progress Reports

At the midpoint of each nine-week grading period, students will receive a progress report. If a student is absent on the day progress reports are issued, he/she will be responsible for obtaining a report from Guidance.


If a student is not failing a class at progress report time, but then begins to do poorly, parents must be informed as quickly as possible, either by phone or by written notice. No student will receive an D or F in any class unless the parent has been notified a minimum of two times.


Semester Exam/Final Exams/County EOCs


Per School Board policy, semester exams and End of Course exams cannot be given early. Students with 10 or more unexcused absences per semester, must pass the Semester Exam or EOC in order to earn credit in that course.