Summer 2020 - Assignments and Enrichment


Launch > Khan Academy > Diagnostic Exam
The exam results help to design a program based on the needs of the student. Students can work at their own pace and in the areas that they specifically need.

AP Calculus AB

Summer Assignment
*there is no AP calc BC summer assignment
Enrichment & Remediation

Launch > Math Nation
Both programs allow students to choose specific topics for enrichment or remediation.

Social Studies


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Language Arts

9th grade summer reading - regular
Word or PDF

9th grade summer reading - honors
Word or PDF

10th grade summer reading
Word or PDF

11th grade summer reading
Word or PDF

12th grade summer reading
Word or PDF

AP Language and Composition summer reading
Word or PDF

World Languages

AP Spanish Culture and Language pdf


General Paper Summer assignment 1 - documentary film study

General Paper Summer assignment 2 - podcast log